Time Bomb – Part 1

So, a little recap of my 2010…

In March I realized that I was married to a wonderful man, but that marriage wasn’t right for either of us. He deserves someone who can’t live without him, and knows with her whole heart she is madly in love with him. I, unfortunately, was neither of those things. I asked for a divorce. He kept the house, my cat, all the furniture, and the list goes on. He kept ‘my’ car, we sold his car, bought and used that money to buy me an SUV. Our divorce was final August 2nd.

After leaving my ex-husbands house, I was staying with my best friend, her son, and her mom. Since they were already staying with a man and his son, it was pretty cramped. My best friend and I shared a bed, in a room that we also shared with her 1-year old son. We planned a trip down to Reno to visit friends we hadn’t seen in 6 years. One being my ex-boyfriend, whom I lost my virginity to 7 years ago on a weekend visit from my mom’s to my dad’s wedding, and we later dated for 6 months when I moved back to live with my dad. We dated until he moved to Reno. I have my yearbook from that year, my Junior year, and there are pages and pages of how everyone loved us as a couple. Needless to say, I have been in love with this man for 7 years, 5 of which we didn’t speak. Since I had a texting buddy in the ex-boyfriend, who admitted he still had feelings for me, the best friend got jealous. So, she obtained a phone number of one of the ex’s friends, and when that boy stopped responding, she moved on to the ex’s roommate.

One night while the best friend and I were out watching a band play, we got the bright idea that leaving 5 days early to Reno won’t be such a bad idea. Her mom was pissed, but ultimately agreed to watch the baby for us, and off we went. We texted the boys all day, saying we were out for a Sunday afternoon drive, and since the ex was from the area, he suspected we were at certain area landmarks, and we just giggled each time he guessed. For example, we pulled over and took a picture of us in the snow near Mt Shasta, and he thought we were at Mt Baker. Finally, just before we got into Nevada, the ex’s roommate asked the best friend if we were already on our way… early… And she denied it and kept asking him random questions along the way. A speeding ticket later (the best friend’s), and an hour or so later, we are in Reno.

We follow my GPS’ instructions to get to the apartment complex that the boys gave us the address too, and low and behold, half of the apartments are on each side of the road, and it’s gated. We pull into a little strip mall behind the apartments, and the best friend calls the roommate. Come to find out, their apartment looks out right at the strip mall, and he see’s our car sitting there, and goes onto the balcony and says, “Hey! I see you! I’ll run around and let you in.” On his way out of the apartment, he knocks on my ex’s door and tells him that, “Surprise! The girls are here 5 days early.”

The roommate helps us with our bags, but the ex doesn’t even come out of his room for a few minutes, and when he does, I was in awe. He still makes me weak in the knees and I just stood there for a few seconds. By the look on his face, he feels the same way. Finally, once he snaps out of his trance, he walks the last 3 feet and gives me one of the biggest hugs I have ever gotten in my life. And, one of the longest.

We went out on the balcony and were talking while we smoked. (Yes, in addition to everything, I’ve made a horrible choice and took up smoking again before I moved out of my ex-husbands). While we were out there, the ex was telling me how he remembered telling his best friend that he, ” felt that what he had with me before he moved wasn’t over. I would come back into his life some day.” And there I was, sitting on his balcony, 6 years later, 1000 miles away from where we said goodbye.


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