Time Bomb – Part 3

Planning to move 900 miles is a tough task, even for one person. Planning to move 900 miles and have to consider another person and their child is a disaster waiting to happen.

Once I told my family I was moving, I had just a few weeks to get rid of everything that wouldn’t fit in my truck. I did so successfully, with the exception of entrusting the best friend’s mom with my desktop PC and monitor, and several hundreds of dollars in Mary Kay product. My truck was so full that I could only fit in my seat, and nothing else could be crammed anywhere. I could have fit more, I guess, but silly me, since I couldn’t see out my rear-view mirror, I ought to at least be able to see out of both of my side mirrors. Thus, leaving a good portion of my passenger seat ’empty”. If I were reckless, I would have filled it to the top.

The days leading up to my move, I had been talking to a lady on the phone about a job in Reno and I even decided to leave early to make it for an interview. These same days of job related giddiness, my ex and his friend were in town for a visit. Since the ex grew up in the same town I did, his parents live there. I originally planned to wait to drive to Reno, with the boys in a caravan with me, but since I had reasons to believe I’d get the job, I planned to leave a day early and make it for an interview Tuesday.

As luck would have it, the night before I was supposed to move, I couldn’t sleep. I left ‘home’ at 1:30 am making it to my ex-husband’s house to exchange random things, around 3 am. I also had to say good-bye to the love of my life, my Tuxedo Cat, TomTom. I miss my baby so much. Finally, once I made it to Oregon, exhaustion finally set in, and I stopped a half-dozen times to take little naps. Once I felt awake enough, I set my phone to Pandora and listened to whatever station played songs I could sing along to.

At the California border, I got stopped and asked if I had any plants or produce on board, and gestured to my box of house plants, and the guy kind of chuckled and waved me through. I had 10 or so house plants. only two of them were the same species. I now have a lot more than that, as some have broken off and I’ve started new ones. Driving through California on 395 through Susanville is a pretty boring drive. I don’t remember much, other than trying to take pictures of Mt Shasta again, this time I was driving, and it was more difficult.

Once I made it to Nevada, I stopped and got two packs of cigarettes and about $15 in gas. I only smoked two or three cigarettes the whole drive home. Honest…. I was out! I got to the ex’s apartment around 7-7:30 pm, I don’t honestly remember the time. Got the stuff out of my front seat, ie plants, anything that the hot June sun could ruin, took a shower and passed out.

I woke up sometime in the afternoon of the next day excited to see the lady called me about the job. My good feelings all faded when she told me she was calling to inform me, that even though I hadn’t interviewed, they offered the job to someone else. I was crushed… What am I saying? I’m still crushed. Shortly after I woke up, the ex texted me to say that he and his friend were getting ready to leave Washington, and they planned to drive all night, straight through.

I woke up after another long session of sleeping, and was still in bed when the ex texted me that he was outside and getting  his stuff out of his friend’s car. Since we weren’t sure how this living together thing was going to work, with him not wanting a relationship and all, I vacated his bedroom, and hung out in the living room watching movies. I slept on the couch that night, and didn’t see the ex until mid-afternoon the following day. Luckily he took the day off work.

We spent the next few weeks, much like that day, just relaxing, getting used to living in one apartment. We went camping the weekend that the best friend moved down. Her estranged husband had their son, and she flew my ex’s roommate to help her move and drive back with her… Since they were dating. We went camping in Lahontan. And, by ‘we’, I mean my ex, his friend, and myself. We came back on July 4th, and made it just in time to go to the ex’s best friend’s house for a BBQ.

Note to my readers, my ex’s best friend = the man my best friend has been in love with for 6 years… now, let me introduce his lovely fiance.


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