Time Bomb – Part 4

So she gets here weekend of July 4th, well my boyfriend, and his friend were camping and didn’t see the bestie until we went to a BBQ at boyfriend’s friend’s house. (Also the man bestie has been in love with since she was 16, we’ll call him loverboy… awkward….) So the next weekend, the friend we went camping with comes over and we’re all drinking, and bestie starts flirting with with him, in front of her boyfriend… So she ends up kissing the friend, her boyfriend didn’t see it, but had enough of what he had seen, and shoves bestie and calls her a bitch and other stuff.

A few weeks after that, boyfriend, bestie and I go camping for a huge outdoor Metal music concert in the middle of the desert. Loverboy is the lead singer of a band, and he tries setting bestie up with the Bass player. So bestie is all head over heels about this bass player. She starts going to practices, and texting him 24/7. Well then low and behold, loverboy and his fiance start having problems, so she starts talking to him and hanging out with him all the time, blowing off bassplayer.

Well finally, exboyfriend (her ex/my boyfriends roommate) catches on, and goes crazy. He starts binge drinking every night, threatens me, bestie and even her son (once she got him back from the dad), and gets in boyfriends face and tries choking him out. So we move ASAP. Loverboy moves in with us and starts sleeping with bestie.. even while her son is in the room (gross), and then bestie says she loves him bla bla bla wedding… kids… loverboy bolts… bestie is devistated, loverboy won’t even come over anymore… and what does bestie do? Stalk him and his friends over Facebook. Coincidentally her ex threatens to sue for custody and she’s out of here. But she doesn’t tell us that, we hear it from loverboy, then when I ask her about it, she tells me 1/2 the truth, and even when she found out what day, she didn’t tell me until I brought it up. So now she’s being a huge bitch and made me pay the power bill, which I dont’ have a job… so all she knows is boyfriend paid it for me, but really my dad sent me money. I just can’t wait for her to be gone so I can have my sanity, friends and life back.

Our agreement was until I got a job, I’d watch her son when she has him, so she can use what she’d pay in child care to pay for my part of rent and the power bill. Well I had her son all week last week, and all of a sudden on Saturday morning, she refuses to pay the power bill. I knew she wouldn’t say anything before then since I’d then refuse to watch him.


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