Day 1 – Meaning behind your blog name

In my house, music is not something that fills the empty noise, it is a passion, a way of life. My boyfriend plays guitar, and he plays amazingly. The heavier the music, the better. He is currently trying to get involved in two bands, one starting from scratch, the other with some guys from a band he was in before. Since music is the main focus in our life right now (I say we because I support him 100% – his priorities are my priorities… aside from finding myself a job), it seemed fitting to make a blog that discusses our main focus in life… Music.


3 Responses to “Day 1 – Meaning behind your blog name”

  1. Lee just left his 2 bands he was in to help me with JAck seems like we are kind leading similar lifes now lol 🙂 glad your happy hon x

    • Wow that is a huge commitment! Bold choice mister. Boyfriend is lucky and he is the only one in his reuniting band who doesn’t have a kid. So they’re whole focus is like starting a daddy band where when they have shows the wives get together and all the kids play, etc. It is something to keep them in the music but allows them to balance their families too.

      I do hope Lee can help with Jack, and find a good band that has family life as a priority. Else, he will just have to move here and play with my hunny 🙂


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