Day 3-Your first love

The first love I had in my life, was probably reading and writing, but since I considered this question in a romantic sense, that is what I wrote about.

The man I am in love with right now, was my first true love. My parents would argue, that my first love was my dear friend in Montana, but that was a childhood crush… err,¬†juvenile¬†obsession.

I am in love with a man I never really got to know. The man who I was in love with when I accepted my ex-husband’s proposal, when I got married, and the person who always made me feel complete. Someone I didn’t speak to for 6 years, but found on MySpace and Facebook and called one day and have talked to every day since. The person who I don’t hide things from, I don’t lie to, and someone I never wish was anything or anyone different.

I enjoy watching him play guitar, I love listening to him play guitar, and I get butterflies when he’s near me. I catch myself staring at him and usually it’s these moments when I ask myself, how I got so lucky.

People comment to me all the time how sweet it is when they catch us looking at eachother from across the room. That is a comment and feeling I never want to go away.


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