Day 12-What you believe

Wow, what a tough, open-ended question. I believe a lot of things. I consider myself an open-minded person, so I have compiled some random things. These are in no specific order.

I believe man evolved from primates. I do not believe we were made from dust and ribs. In addition, I am not saying this theory of creation is wrong, it is just not the theory I believe. Moreover, I believe that everyone has a right to practice whatever religion they want so long as it does not interfere with other people’s lives. Worship should be done in the privacy of a home, church, mosque, chapels, etc. Religions should not be on display in our streets, public radio, nonreligious public televising, or in ads on nonreligion-based internet sites.

I believe that the US government ought to bring our troops home. Troops shouldn’t be deployed all over the world fighting and fixing other country’s problems/wars.

I believe outsourcing is wrong. Too many of our citizens are out of work. Bring the work home.

I believe that the human race is too greedy. I applaud minimalists, people who are not consumed in trying to own the newest, most expensive thing-a-ma-jig. In addition, get rid of tax breaks for the rich, don’t tax the pants off of small business owners, and make drug testing mandatory for welfare recipients.

I would like to see people who make an excess of $5 million a year be mandated to donate a set percentage of their income to education, orphanages, food banks, hospitals, etc. They got rich off of the people so give it back to the people.

I believe that US citizens need to spend the time, money, and effort adopting children from within our borders instead of going to third world countries to buy babies.

Marriage shouldn’t be required to obtain benefits for your lover. If a person wants to add a significant other to an insurance policy, for example, they should be allowed to do so without marriage as a requirement. If the parties need to sign a contract for an amount of time, or pay an extra premium, than by all means. But requiring marriage isn’t right.

Marriage also should be a religious choice. Civil unions should exist if parties aren’t religious. Also, since the rules restricting certain couples from marrying or joining in civil unions stem from the bible, these laws should be rewritten. Separation of church and state happened for a reason, and you shouldn’t allow your lawmakers to pick and choose what stays and what goes. All or nothing.

The US should close its borders until we get a better grip on the illegal immigrants, incoming drugs, etc. We need to establish English as our official language and make the immigrants actually learn it. I shouldn’t have to learn Spanish to get a job. Speak your native language at home, but leave it at home.

Schools need to integrate ESL students back into regular classes so that they learn what everyone else needs to learn to graduate.

The high school diploma needs to have more weight than the GED. I stayed in school damnit, and I should get priority when being considered for a job.

Citizens 70 years of age and older, or people who have been involved in 3 or more automobile collisions or received more than 5 citations should have to be required to retake their drive test every 10 years, or every other time they renew their license depending on state law. Driving age should also be upped to 18.

Marijuana should be legalized and taxed for purchase by people over the age of 21, just like alcohol. This will put money back into our economy, and out of the hands of gangs, cartels, etc. Minors under the influence or in possession should get the same charges as with alcohol and especially, DUI.

If a minor is caught driving under any influence, their license should be suspended until they reach age 21 years old, or, 3 years have elapsed whichever is later.

I believe that traffic fines need to be doubled on national holidays, January 1st, July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. There are too many people driving wrecklessly. Money from these offenses should be put into keeping staff, bringing the DARE program back, etc.

Teachers should be paid more. A lot more. Nurses should be paid more than doctors since nurses do more work.

I know many of you will disagree with me, argue even, and I welcome your views. I will ask however, that you keep it civil.


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