Day 16-Dream house

If you’ve seen the movie The Notebook, that my friends, is my dream house. Though, Hunny and I talked about this last year in random conversations the weekend we started talking again, and albeit, we agreed on just about everything.

AyJae: When I grow up and buy or build my dream house, I’ll have a covered wrap around porch. Swings in the front and the back and sit out side every morning with my cup of coffee and listen to the sounds of nature.
Hunny: That would be awesome. Maybe I’ll help build it.
AyJae: I hope so 🙂 It would be pretty lonely on a porch swing with no one next to me.
Hunny: Yeah, it would be.
AyJae: I also want a huge bathtub with jets.
Hunny: Don’t we all.
AyJae: What do you want in your dream home?
Hunny: A wood burning cast iron stove, hard wood floors, a sun room, a green house, one main room in the center with all other rooms in a circle around the house with a wrap around porch/patio.
AyJae: A rambler or multiple levels?
Hunny: Multiple levels.
AyJae: With the rooms on the upper level looking down into the main room?
Hunny: Yeah!

Obviously, more goes into buying or building a home that this, but the conversation was just days after we started talking again (I am a freak, which you know, and I wrote down the texts that we sent back and forth as to not forget the awesomeness of the conversation — I love journals!).


3 Responses to “Day 16-Dream house”

  1. I love this! I too want a house with a wrap-around porch. I love sitting out on my deck during the Spring and Summer enjoy my favorite coffee. It’s so peaceful and really gets the day going.
    Great post!


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