Day 18-Something you regret

When I originally started this 31-day challenge, I thought to myself, there wasn’t anything I really regretted, and especially nothing I wanted to post about on here. However, with the recent events in my life, and being harassed, I don’t care who reads this and get’s hurt, curiosity killed the cat.

The first being the fact that I allowed myself to be manipulated by my ex-best friend and believed all of the things she said to me the days following our vacation in April. Duping me into moving to Reno on false pretenses. I should have known better, but luckily for me, and my ability to see through lies eventually, it still has worked out in my favor, and I couldn’t be happier.

The second thing that I regret is ever agreeing to date my ex-husband. I avoided him for almost a year before I decided to make that mistake, and I should have just kept avoiding him. I should have moved to Fairfield to live with my step-sister, go to UC Davis like I wanted. Instead, I wasted 5 years of my life on someone who claimed to love me first and foremost, but would never stand up for me, not to his mother, not to his friends, I had to manipulate him into going out on dates with me, forget the discussion of kids, though we came to and passed our agreed date to start trying, he never committed. Again, I should never have to convince my husband to father my children. UGH! Asshole!


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