Day 19-Something you miss

This will sound a bit weird, but when I was still in high school, I was very close to my assigned faculty counselor. Sometimes for months on end, I would be in her office every day, and my teachers became to expect me to be a few minutes late. I miss being able to go in and talk to someone who knew all my secrets, knew me better than I knew myself, and who on more than one occasion turned to confide in me. We had a special bond, and how I miss being able to peek in her office, close the door, and just let my thoughts run free.

To add to this, someday, when I go back to school, this is going to be my major, psychology with the intention of working with high school aged children. I know I would have ended up an entirely different person if it weren’t for her. If I can have that impact on one person, all of my future schooling will be worth it.

I also miss waking up at my dads house Christmas morning. Opening stockings, having coffee, opening gifts, listening to that one particular Christmas album over and over.


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