Day 23-Favorite vacation

My favorite vacation, was that to Ocean Shores, WA when I was about 13-14 years old. My dad, us kids, dad’s cousins and their kids would all go camping every year, and this was one of the first times we went to a place away from home to camp.

My cousin Becky and I are 1.5-2 years apart in age, she’s older, and we have always been super close. We’ve always been super interested in boys, and we always assumed they were super interested in us. I don’t really remember a lot about the trip, but do remember my step mom getting pissed off at my cousin Michelle, Becky getting pissed off at my cousin Michelle then taking off in her parents van and getting it stuck in the sand, and the Ferris Wheel Guy.

The Ferris Wheel Guy (FWG) worked at a little street fair and carnival that was going on the week we were there, and he was super cute. The ferris wheel was made for little kids, about 7 years old or so, but it held the 5 girls swooning over FWG. We went around the tiny wheel twice and he started letting the other girls off, except Becky and I. We shared a little seat, and he let us go around several more times, forwards and back. We were convinced he was as in love with us as we were him, and to this day, that is our fondest memory of a family outing that Becky and I agree upon.


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