Day 24-Something you’ve learned

This past month, I’ve learned that no matter if I think I am right or not, I have to be the one who apologizes if Hunny and I get into an argument. He doesn’t apologize. When I apologize, I have also learned that when he knows he was wrong, he’ll tell me, “It’s not your fault”. That’s generally when I remind him that, “It takes two people to argue”.

I don’t want to make it sound like we argue all the time. We don’t. We go through a period of a few days where we are both really tired, we get bored being stuck in the apartment when we don’t have plans, or we made plans and they get canceled. We just have to continue to talk to each other and make sure the other person knows where we stand, and we need to get over our ruts of feeling like, “nothing I ever do is right”. That’s not true, and subconsciously we know that, but saying it out loud helps confirm it.


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