“You’re so cute ma’am”

I do not enjoy calling my bank when things are askew. Yesterday when I finally checked the mail, I finally got my power bill and it shows that the payment I scheduled through Wells Fargo was never deducted from my balance owed. I called Wells Fargo and was discussing the issue with them when we realized that when I moved into the new apartment in November, they changed my account number with the change of address. Since I didn’t catch this when I scheduled the payment for December, the payment was sent but never arrived due to the discrepancy in account numbers.

The man on the phone who helped me kept saying things like, “You’re so cute”… *laughter*… All I had said was, “Let me get a pen so I can mark the account number (which is 19 numbers long) so it’s easier for each of us to verify it”. Later when he mentioned he had to enter in notes into my  account to portray the reason I called, and what we figured was the problem, along with the approval to have their agents do an ‘inquiry’, I said, “Oh, I’ve worked in a call center, take your time with the notes, I know all about having to enter in notes for everything! I worked for REI, and if you don’t enter in sufficient notes OH MY GOD!”” *Man Laughter* “You’re so cute, ma’am!”

It was funny/awkward, and though he kept saying things like that, I was more worried about if he get’s his tapes audited for training or whatever, I hope he doesn’t get into trouble about the comments he made. I understand building customer relationships, but not like that.

Dear Wells Fargo Call Center Representative:
I hope you’re not going to get into trouble for the comments you made to me on the phone about my Online Bill Pay inquiry.

But regardless of the silliness of the call, it is always a little boost in your ego when someone flirts with you, especially when they can’t see that thanks to Mother Nature – and the regular stress of your life, your complexion has suddenly gone to crap. *LOL*


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