Day 28-Something that stresses you out

The biggest stress I have in my life is bills. I hate getting one hundred calls everyday about my bills (luckily my phone rocks and I can forward most to voice mail automatically – only a few slip through).  Before I separated from my ex-husband, I always paid everything on time and its been a really stressful that I have missed payments. My credit isn’t ruined yet, I was told it is still pretty decent. As soon I get a job I can start paying on them I will start feeling a lot better and less stressed by a lot!


3 Responses to “Day 28-Something that stresses you out”

  1. I hear ya! I think most people (except those with really exceptional careers) are facing the monthly battle of, ‘which bill do I pay and which can I let slide till next payday?’ I know I play that game every month.

    • I understand that. I’ve been pretty much out of work since December 09… Until I left Andy, I was able to pay my bills, and for a few months after that, he was nice and loaned me the money to make the minimums, but I haven’t been able to pay any since May ’10. I am so ashamed I let it get that bad, but I couldn’t really do anything. That’s why I am hoping this temp job works out since it will be almost $500/week and I will be able to start paying good amounts to pay them down. I’ve made myself sick worrying about it, I’ve had hives a few times, and just stress headaches, lack of appetite, you name it. It’s no good. I don’t want this rough time to prevent me from someday buying a new car, or a home. Or hell, even getting a new phone and phone plan. Y’know…. Ugh. LOL


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