Day 30-a picture

Earlier this month, my grandpa was rushed to a hospital in the town he lives in because he had a seizure. When he wasn’t responding to their questions in a coherent manner, they rushed him to the nearest hospital with a neurosurgeon, which was 100 miles away.

He had a myriad of tests run, all determined he didn’t have a stroke, but none determined what caused his seizure. after being in the hospital for two days they ran all the tests they could and sent him home.

Now, I am sure you’re wondering what is up with the tree… The tree is a Split-Leaf or Cut-Leaf Weeping Birch. It is a tree I bought and planted for my grandpa in 2009 when I last visited. I planted it in their garden so that he cold see it from his recliner. Because my grandpa has been sick and getting steadily worse for the past few years, I wanted to give him something that he can see everyday and think of me, and how much he means to me. It wasn’t until I was halfway through the 1000 mile drive home, I realized that if he is buried, it might be under this tree, and if he’s cremated, his ashes might be spread over the garden where the tree sits. I don’t know if it means enough to him for one of those two things, but I hope that in his final days he is still able to look out and know that I love him.

It’s almost poetic. I cry whenever my mom calls to tell me something has gotten worse about him, and the tree my grandma told me to buy him ‘weeps’ too.


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