Review 5/5 – Charlaine Harris – Harper Connelly Mysteries 1 & 2

This past weekend, I read two books.

I read Grave Sight by Charlaine Harris. The first book in the Harper Connelly Mysteries.

Ever since Harper Connelly survived a zap from a lightning bolt, she’s been able to find dead people. Harper travels to the Ozark town of Sarne, Ark., to find a missing teenage girl’s body, accompanied by her stepbrother, Tolliver, who acts as her manager and bodyguard and with whom she shares a thinly disguised physical attraction that they manage to keep at bay by engaging in casual sex with various partners. Finding the body takes no time at all, but leaving town afterward isn’t so easy. When Harper’s life is threatened and Tolliver ends up in jail on trumped-up charges, it quickly becomes apparent that something sinister is going on in Sarne.

I really enjoyed the new realm of characters. New people, new supernatural skills, awesome dialog between characters. I love books even more if the author allows the characters to banter back and forth, and if they can make me laugh out loud, it’s the best.

Since I also own the second book, Grave Surprise, I read that too.

A skeptical anthropology professor, Clyde Nunley, tests Harper’s gift of clairvoyance in a historic Memphis cemetery, where Harper correctly senses a fresh corpse in the wrong grave. Strangely, the body turns out to be a missing 12-year-old girl, Tabitha Morgenstern, whom Harper failed to locate in Nashville on a case two years earlier. The hotel suite of Harper and her manager and stepbrother, Tolliver Lang, both of whom fall under suspicion, becomes a magnet for a medley of amusing characters, including Memphis cops, Tabitha’s assorted relatives and a drunken Clyde Nunley, who, shortly after accusing Harper of fraud, is found dead in the same grave as Tabitha.

Grave Surprise was excellent, in that it included a lot more passion-fueled story line. I do not like that it was written around a child who ultimately paid the price of someones passion, but even still, it was tastefully done.

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