Life Without a Phone: Day 1

So, remember the fact that I was married before? Yeah, we had just signed a new Verizon contract a few months before, and while we were dividing the assets of our marriage, the ex agreed to pay for my phone line until the end of the contract. Well, yesterday my phone was shut off. My ex is an asshole and doesn’t realize I can take his dumb ass to court for him having disconnected my phone line.

So far, the thought of not having a phone sucks. Mostly because of my grandpa and his health. I don’t want to be cut off from finding out about his health disintegrating from anyone but my mom. My mom doesn’t have a land line, internet, or cable… she needs a antenna booster just to get a cell signal on her house. So, I gave her my boyfriend’s number just in case of an emergency. I have people that I text regularly, but they all have email and I can just email them instead.

I am doing pretty well with my lifeline having been cut off. I will probably carry my phone around with me out of habit for a week or two, but when the realization that it’s not going to vibrate or chirp or anything, I will realize it won’t do me any good to carry it around.


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