Review 5/5 – Charlaine Harris – Lily Bard Mysteries

What a crazy series of books! This series is a lot different from Charlaine Harris’ other books I’ve read simply because there is nothing supernatural about it. I am not sure about the Aurora Teagarden books yet, since I haven’t started them yet.

Shakespeare’s Landlord 4/5

Lily Bard, 31, sees a furtive figure placing large plastic garbage bags in the local park and, untying one, discovers the body of her neighbor, Pardon Albee. Pardon is the Landlord for the Shakespeare Garden Apartments.

This book a surprising book in that, once you learn what happens to Lily Bard before she moves to Shakespeare, you feel almost dedicated and addicted to the series to see where she ends up. It is no surprise after learning about Pardon Albee’s normal behavior, that someone does him in, but it’s hard to believe who that is until it’s all revealed.


Shakespeare’s Champion 5/5

When she is asked by her friend and local gym owner Marshall Sedaka to open since he’s got the flu, and finds Del Packard with a barbell across his throat, she doesn’t think for more than a second that it’s an accident.

This book had one of the best ‘action scenes’. I can tell from the way it was written and the multitude of detail that Charlaine Harris really planned this one out. It was hard for me to put my eReader down. I don’t have much else to say other than that, I loved it so much that I would just babble about it and give something away.


Shakespeare’s Christmas 5/5

Returning to her home town of Bartley for her sister Varena’s wedding, Lily is plunged headlong into an eight-year-old kidnapping investigation after her lover and confidant, Jack Leeds, a PI with a questionable past, arrives to follow up an anonymous tip that the kidnapper and the missing girl are both in Bartley. When the town’s beloved family practitioner, his nurse and a young mother are bludgeoned to death, the investigation intensifies, and Lily uses her family connections and her impeccable cleaning skills to ferret out some crucial information.

Books that are predictable are very annoying to me. Maybe it is that I should have gone to school to be a lawyer or a judge and use my full potential in this lifetime, but some of Charlaine Harris’ books are super predictable – the Harper Connelly books especially. The man person I suspected in this book turned out not to be the killer, and I was genuinely surprised. There are some aspects in the ‘action scene’ that tugged on my heartstrings, but anyone who is or wants to someday be a mother, may react in the same way.


Shakespeare’s Trollop 4/5

It’s Lily’s misfortune to discover Deedra’s violated body in her car on a deserted road, the apparent victim of a tryst gone sour. For Lily, who already knows more than she wants about the promiscuous young woman’s habits, the details don’t add up.

Talk about throwing the conclusion out of left-field. This wasn’t one of my favorite books, it seemed to drab to me. There wasn’t a lot of action going on, so I felt a little bored with it. I probably would have set it down if I didn’t need it for this reading challenge. The person behind the whole thing was a great mystery, and I did like how that was developed. It just seemed to take the (not so) scenic route to get there.


Shakespeare’s Counselor 5/5

The victim of horrendous violence and plagued by nightmares, anger and self-loathing, Lily joins a local support group headed by Tamsin Lynd, a professional counselor. Tamsin herself has a major problem. She and her husband moved from Cleveland to Shakespeare after being terrorized by a stalker who remains at large. To their horror, the stalker appears to have followed them.

Not impressed with the level of predictability in this book, but I was impressed by the new life Charlaine Harris gave to Lily. It finally showed that this character could finally overcome her previous nightmares and have a chance at growing and evolving into a new version of her former self, and who doesn’t love to see that? Even those this book was highly predictable, it was quite impressive to see what lengths the stalker and stalkee would go to in order to continue their tango of a love/hate relationship.


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