On The Move Again…

Well, the leak we had in our apartment last November reared its ugly head again. This time worse than last time. So, after informing the apartment management, we got upgraded to a “One-Bedroom Deluxe” apartment. The living room and dining room is about twice the size of the last apartment, and it’s got some chocolate colored accent walls. The appliances (Dishwasher and Oven/Stove-top) are slightly nicer. If any of you read my old blog, you’ll know about the process my ex-husband and I went through when we purchased our home…

You may also remember my strange obsession with knobs and fixtures. We bought a washer and dryer nearly two years before we purchased our house, but my decision on which set was not so much about reviews or who made it, but instead my decision was based on how I liked the knobs that operated them. When purchasing our house, I went through the same aesthetic/functional comparison between properties and chose the one with the amenities I liked, but also the one that had the ‘nicest’ lighting figures, and appliances. It is almost like OCD meets Guilty Pleasure.

I have always wanted a place that has nicely chosen accent walls, and this place does. I’m in ‘lazy interior decorator’ heaven!


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