Bitter Bear

Today has been such a freaking awful day! I didn’t go into work today because I had some shit to take care of, and as it turns out, the universe is fucking with me, and nothing I set out to do is actually getting done how I needed it to.

I went down to H&R Block today to file my taxes, which is being put on hold until Monday. First we got an error message saying the IRS doesn’t believe I’m really me. My last name, date of birth, and SSN might not match their records. So the girl helping me has to get her manager to help her figure out if they’ve done something wrong, the only good thing that happened is that they both told me that I look really good since I’m 70 pounds lighter than my the picture on my Driver’s License. They figured that they can still send my taxes in, but it might get rejected because of whatever error the IRS is claiming with my information. Then, once we figure we can at least still file my taxes and hoping that they won’t reject it anyway, I find out that since I didn’t have the $39 to file my taxes today, they would have to charge an additional $32.50 from my measly $100 return just to take the $39 fee out of my return. So it’s like why the hell am I even filing through you guys since you’re charging me double just to file? So luckily, the girl was able to put my file on hold until Monday when I get paid, and she was able to discount my fee from $39 to $16. When I get paid Monday, I have to bring in the $16 to pay the fee, than I will not have to be charged anything from my $102 return. Now, I’m just hoping that once this is all filed, the IRS isn’t going to turn around and reject it on the basis that they don’t believe I am who I say I am, and who I have the documents to prove I am.

Not to mention, the IRS is on my Shit List too because I only qualified for $61 of the $400 stimulus for this year. WTF… wouldn’t you give the people who were unemployed/displaced housewives more money…? UGHHHH!

After I got back from H&R Block, I set up to do laundry, which will now have to wait until this evening when my hunny gets home and can put more money on our laundry card. Not to mention the fact that I had to dilute the hell out of the detergent just to make sure there was enough to do more than one load of laundry (I think I have 3).

To add insult to all of my injuries I pawned my wedding rings last July, and have been making payments on the pawn until I can afford to buy them back, that payment is due today. Rent is due tomorrow. So I might have to kiss my rings goodbye, and the pawn charge including fees I’ve already paid, it isn’t even 1/2 of what they’re worth.

Today is a wrotten day, and I’m totally over it. I have to go now and swap my one load of laundry, that I can afford to do right now, from the washing machine to the dryer.


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