Be Still my Kindle Heart…

So, right now, has some awesome free kindle ebooks. If you can download the free kindle app onto your phone or PC, you’re good to go.

They have some new novels, along with a lot of great classics, ones that I faked my way through reading in high school that I want to actually sit down and read, and others I think would make me feel smarter. I am excited because the other night, I got 30 free books! What reader wouldn’t love that?! I am tempted to nix some of the books on my ‘Read 100 books in 2011″ list and add some of these in instead.

For example, I love the True Blood books, that’s why I own them. However, I have read them, discussed them, watched True Blood, listened to the audio books, and I don’t know if I can really regurgitate the information this year. So, maybe, aside from the A Touch of Dead book, and Dead in the Family book, I might skip the rest and read some classics instead.

All of this really relies on whether or not I am going to ever finish Twilight. *sigh*


2 Comments to “Be Still my Kindle Heart…”

  1. Ohh off to get the kindle app 🙂

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