Day 1 – A photo of yourself and a description of how your day was.

I am slightly annoyed that my ex husbands coworker decided to start this same blog challenge the same day that I did. UGH! But that’s neither here nor there, so I will just stay on topic.

My Hunny woke me up like 15 minutes before my alarm was set to go off, major drag if you ask me. I am a rabid grizzly in the morning, even more so when people wake me up. Work was fine today, I had 5 clients come in all at once right when we opened, so that helped get a lot of things out of the way to start off with. My district’s manager gave me props today too which was nice. I emailed him last night an idea I had, and he liked it so much he wanted me to discuss it over the conference call on Tuesday, but I am not scheduled to work. I replied and told him I am glad he liked my idea and was honored he wanted me to share it.

The rest of my day is probably going to be spent bored out of my gourde reading while my Hunny is at his friend’s house playing with guitar stuff and jamming. If I had more gas in my truck, I would just drop him off and come back home… Maybe I will anyway… *HHHHHMMMMMM*


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