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March 8, 2011

Be Still my Kindle Heart…

So, right now, has some awesome free kindle ebooks. If you can download the free kindle app onto your phone or PC, you’re good to go.

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February 21, 2011

Oh for the Love…

I have so much shit going on lately that I don’t even know where to begin. I need to write to get it all out, but at the same time, I don’t want to write it all out because I don’t want people to think I’m retarded by being bothered.

I really want to finish the Twilight books, that way I can mark them off and forget all about them. I didn’t want to read them in the first place. I want to get away from supernatural books. I might even adjust my list to take off re-reading the first 9 Sookie Stackhouse (True Blood) books by Charlaine Harris. Of course I want to reread the 10th book, and the new one that’s coming out in May, but after that, I think I want to move on.

I have really enjoyed working, and I love the fact that I am earning money! I can start working on my list of things I want to accomplish this year, and pay off my debt. That makes me happy! It’s going to take a while to do it, but it will get done. I was talking to my boyfriend last night, and this summer, depending on how my hours pan out at my job now, if i stay at 20 hours a week I mean, I will get a second part time job, and start putting all of my income from my second job toward bills, or maybe I will save it up so that I can keep it for a rainy day. I dunno. I just need to get it under control. I have even considered going to the bank once I get my first pay check, and seeing if I couldn’t get a loan to pay for the three major cards. I hate my life when I think about the debt and the fact that I left everything to my ex husband. I should have made him pay off my credit cards and left everything else to him. Ugh!

February 11, 2011

Review 5/5 – Charlaine Harris – Lily Bard Mysteries

What a crazy series of books! This series is a lot different from Charlaine Harris’ other books I’ve read simply because there is nothing supernatural about it. I am not sure about the Aurora Teagarden books yet, since I haven’t started them yet.

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February 8, 2011

Review 5/5 – Charlaine Harris – Harper Connelly Mysteries Book 4

Harper, who can not only locate bodies but also deduce the cause of death, and her stepbrother, Tolliver Lang, are summoned to Texas by members of the wealthy Joyce family, who are looking for answers behind the death of their patriarch, Rich.

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February 4, 2011

Review 5/5 – Charlaine Harris – Harper Connelly Mysteries Book 3

After Harper locates eight long-dead bodies, much to the surprise of skeptical Sheriff Sandra Rockwell, a mysterious figure attacks Harper. Though all Harper wants is to go home and recover from her injuries, the local authorities and State Bureau of Investigation agents demand that she stay in town to help with their investigation. The cold case heats up fast, attracting media attention as well as Harper’s friends, ailing psychic Xylda Bernardo and her doting grandson, Manfred, who make another gruesome discovery. Harper’s changing relationship with her stepbrother, manager and confidant, Tolliver Lang, lends personal interest.

So this past weekend I read the first two books, which I own, but last night I got my  hands on some eBooks, and sped through the third book. I must say, I liked this book even more than the first two.

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February 3, 2011

Ebooks Galore

Before my phone got rudely shut off by my ex (asshole), I was smart and downloaded a bunch of apps to my phone, one of them is the Kindle for Android app. I have been able to download some ebooks for the app and will be racing through the books on my list of 100 Books to read in 2011. Anyway, I am excited, so I felt the desire to share. Also, this way, I don’t have to leave the house to keep going to and from the library.

I think I will start with the Charlaine Harris books that I haven’t read yet. Woot Woot!

January 31, 2011

Review 5/5 – Charlaine Harris – Harper Connelly Mysteries 1 & 2

This past weekend, I read two books.

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January 4, 2011

Challenge – Read 100 Books in 2011

I have signed up for Book Chick City’s 100 Book Challenge for this year. Hopefully will keep better track of what I manage to read this year. I am reserving the right to reread old favorites once this year. So, since I read 35 or so books last year, and have compiled a few favorites – with new books being published in that series – I plan to reread the previous books and refresh my mind. I also want to write a small review on each book or an overall series.

  1. Charlaine Harris – Lily Bard Mysteries – Shakespeare’s Landlord – Finished 2/5/11
  2. Charlaine Harris – Lily Bard Mysteries – Shakespeare’s Champion – Finished 2/6/11
  3. Charlaine Harris – Lily Bard Mysteries – Shakespeare’s Christmas – Finished 2/7/11
  4. Charlaine Harris – Lily Bard Mysteries – Shakespeare’s Trollop – Finished 2/9/11
  5. Charlaine Harris – Lily Bard Mysteries – Shakespeare’s Counselor – Finished 2/10/11
  6. Charlaine Harris – Harper Connelly Mysteries – Grave Sight – Finished 1/29/11
  7. Charlaine Harris – Harper Connelly Mysteries – Grave Surprise – Finished 1/30/11
  8. Charlaine Harris – Harper Connelly Mysteries – An Ice Cold Grave – Finished 2/4/11
  9. Charlaine Harris – Harper Connelly Mysteries – Grave Secret – Finished 2/8/11
  10. Nicholas Sparks – The Notebook – Finished 1/11/11
  11. Nicholas Sparks – The Wedding — Finished 1/12/11
  12. Nicholas Sparks – The Rescue – Finished 1/8/2011
  13. Nicholas Sparks – A Bend in the Road – Finished 1/18/2011
  14. Janet Evanovich – Stephanie Plum – One for the Money – Finished 3/26/2011
  15. Janet Evanovich – Stephanie Plum – Two for the Dough – Finished 4/2/2011
  16. Janet Evanovich – Stephanie Plum – Three to Get Deadly – Finished 4/6/2011
  17. Janet Evanovich – Stephanie Plum – Four to Score – Finished 4/11/2011
  18. Janet Evanovich – Stephanie Plum – High Five – Finished 4/16/2011
  19. Janet Evanovich – Stephanie Plum – Hot Six – Finished 4/19/2011
  20. Janet Evanovich – Stephanie Plum – Seven Up – Finished 4/21/2011
  21. Janet Evanovich – Stephanie Plum – Hard Eight – Finished 4/23/2011
  22. Janet Evanovich – Stephanie Plum – To The Nines – Finished 4/27/2011
  23. Janet Evanovich – Stephanie Plum – Ten Big Ones – Finished 5/3/2011
  24. Janet Evanovich – Stephanie Plum – Eleven on Top – Finished 4/10/2011
  25. Janet Evanovich – Stephanie Plum – Twelve Sharp – Finished 5/13/2011
  26. Mitch Albom – Tuesday’s with Morrie – Finished 2/2/11
  27. Nikki Sixx – The Heroin Diaries: A Year in the Life of a Shattered Rock Star – Finished 3/15/11
  28. Maxim Jakubowski – Kama Sutra – Finished 4/22/2011
  29. Chris Prentiss – Zen and the Art of Happiness – Finished 4/30/2011
  30. Charlaine Harris – Sookie Stackhouse Novels – Dead Reckoning – Finished 4/4/2011
  31. Janet Evanovich – Stephanie Plum – Lean Mean Thirteen – Finished 7/22/2011
  32. Sara Gruen – Water for Elephants – Finished 7/24/2011
  33. J.K. Rowling – Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone – Finished 7/22/2011
  34. J.K. Rowling – Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets – Finished 7/23/2011
  35. Nicholas Sparks – A Walk to Remember – Finished 8/7/2011
  36. J.K. Rowling – Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – Finished 8/13/2011
  37. Janet Evanovich – Stephanie Plum – Fearless Fourteen – Finished 8/13/2011
  38. Charlaine Harris – Sookie Stackhouse Novels – Dead Until Dark – Finished 9/22/2011
  39. Charlaine Harris – Sookie Stackhouse Novels – Living Dead in Dallas – Finished 9/28/2011
  40. Charlaine Harris – Sookie Stackhouse Novels – Club Dead – Finished 10/5/2011
  41. Charlaine Harris – Aurora Teagarden Mysteries – Real Murders
  42. Charlaine Harris – Aurora Teagarden Mysteries – A Bone to Pick
  43. Charlaine Harris – Aurora Teagarden Mysteries – Three Bedrooms, One Corpse
  44. Charlaine Harris – Aurora Teagarden Mysteries – The Julius House
  45. Charlaine Harris – Aurora Teagarden Mysteries – Dead Over Heels
  46. Charlaine Harris – Aurora Teagarden Mysteries – A Fool and His Honey
  47. Charlaine Harris – Aurora Teagarden Mysteries – Last Scene Alive
  48. Charlaine Harris – Aurora Teagarden Mysteries – Poppy Done to Death
  49. Charlaine Harris – Sookie Stackhouse Novels – Dead to the World – Currently Reading
  50. Charlaine Harris – Sookie Stackhouse Novels – Dead as a Doornail
  51. Charlaine Harris – Sookie Stackhouse Novels – Definitely Dead
  52. Charlaine Harris – Sookie Stackhouse Novels – All Together Dead
  53. Charlaine Harris – Sookie Stackhouse Novels – From Dead to Worse
  54. Charlaine Harris – Sookie Stackhouse Novels – Dead and Gone
  55. Charlaine Harris – Sookie Stackhouse Novels – Dead in the Family
  56. Charlaine Harris – Sookie Stackhouse Novels – A Touch of Dead
  57. Nicholas Sparks – Message in a Bottle
  58. Nicholas Sparks – Nights in Rodanthe
  59. Nicholas Sparks – The Guardian
  60. Nicholas Sparks – Three Weeks With My Brother – Currently Reading
  61. Nicholas Sparks – True Believer
  62. Nicholas Sparks – At First Sight
  63. Nicholas Sparks – Dear John –  Currently Reading
  64. Nicholas Sparks – The Choice
  65. Nicholas Sparks – The Lucky One
  66. Nicholas Sparks – The Last Song
  67. Nicholas Sparks – Safe Haven
  68. Janet Evanovich – Stephanie Plum – Finger Lickin’ Fifteen – Currently Reading
  69. Janet Evanovich – Stephanie Plum – Sizzling Sixteen
  70. Janet Evanovich – Stephanie Plum – Visions of Sugar Plumbs
  71. Janet Evanovich – Stephanie Plum – Plum Lovin’
  72. Janet Evanovich – Stephanie Plum – Plum Lucky
  73. Janet Evanovich – Stephanie Plum – Plum Spooky
  74. J.K. Rowling – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – Currently Reading
  75. J.K. Rowling – Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
  76. J.K. Rowling – Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
  77. J.K. Rowling – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
  78. J.K. Rowling – The Tales of Beedle the Bard
  79. Anne Rice – The Vampire Chronicles – Interview with a Vampire
  80. Anne Rice – The Vampire Chronicles – The Vampire Lestat
  81. Anne Rice – The Vampire Chronicles – Queen of the Damned
  82. Anne Rice – The Vampire Chronicles – The Tale of the Body Thief
  83. Anne Rice – The Vampire Chronicles – Memnoch the Devil
  84. Anne Rice – The Vampire Chronicles – The Vampire Armand
  85. Anne Rice – The Vampire Chronicles – Merrick
  86. Anne Rice – The Vampire Chronicles – Blood and Gold
  87. Anne Rice – The Vampire Chronicles – Blackwood Farm
  88. Anne Rice – The Vampire Chronicles – Blood Canticle
  89. Anne Rice – New Tales of the Vampires (A Vampire Chronicle) – Pandora
  90. Mitch Albom – The Five People You Meet in Heaven
  91. Stephen King – The Green Mile (A Novel in Six Parts)
  92. Stephen King – Dolores Claiborne
  93. Stephen King – Pet Cemetery
  94. Bram Stoker – Dracula (Set Aside)
  95. Jeanette Walls – The Glass Castle
  96. Tom Perrotta – Little Children
  97. Joanne Harris – Chocolat – Set Aside (Page 122/306)
  98. Elizabeth Brundage – The Doctor’s Wife
  99. Jodi Picoult – My Sister’s Keeper
  100. Michael Lewis – The  Blind Side – Currently Reading

If I have time:

  1. Lemony Snicket – A Series of Unfortunate Events (all of them)
  2. J.M. Barrie – Peter Pan
  3. Gerald Posner – Case Closed
  4. Susan Elizabeth Phillips – What I Did for Love
  5. John Steinbeck – The Grapes of Wrath
  6. WM. Paul Young – The Shack
  7. Nicky Charles – Forever in Time (Read by Fee – Given a good Review)
  8. Jan Gordon – Black Silk (Read by Fee – Given a good Review)
  9. Adam Maxwell – Chills, Kills and Snowflakes (Read by Fee – Given a good Review)
  10. Richard Preston – The Hot Zone
  11. Jack London – The Call of the Wild
  12. Mark Twain – The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Books I really couldn’t get into and Took off my list:

  1. Stephenie Meyer Twilight Saga

Please leave a comment of a book or series you recommend and I will consider it and possibly add it to my list.. especially if the libraries don’t have all the books I want to read.

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January 2, 2011

Day 2 – Introduce, Recent Picture, 15 Interesting Facts

I am 24, recently divorced, recently moved to Reno, NV, reunited with the love of my life. I suffer from occasional depression… because I have always been a constant worrier and I stress myself out. My boyfriend is my best friend, followed very closely with a four-way tie between my mom, my dad, my Grams, and a blogger friend (I’ll call her H).
  1. I was married in July 2008, divorced in August 2010 (separated since March 2010) – best choice I have ever made for myself.
  2. Moved to Reno in June 2010 to be close to the love of my life — and no, I did not leave my husband for him.. I know that is hard to believe, but I was leaving my husband either way.
  3. I used to weigh over 210 pounds – I have lost 70+pounds. On my way to a better sized me.
  4. The identity of my biological father is still a topic of discussion, after 24 years, some people can’t let it go. My dad loves me, I love him, and he raised me since the second I was born. What does blood really matter?
  5. The fact that I look like a clone of my mother, does not help the questions of if I am my dad’s biological daughter.
  6. My favorite alcohol is Malibu Rum. I believe it goes with everything!
  7. Every car I have owned has been silver.
  8. I love playing Xbox 360 games like COD and GOW. I have also been guilty of playing WoW on the PC.
  9. The love of my life is a man I dated 6 years ago, before he moved to Reno in 2004.
  10. I have a crazy intuition about medical and legal diagnoses.
  11. I love cooking – not so great at baking.
  12. I recently lost my best friend of 9 years, and I no longer miss her.
  13. I sang in 3 talent shows as a child, and was a contestant in one Spelling Bee.
  14. I love reading. Nicholas Sparks and Charlaine Harris are my recent obsessions.
  15. I love writing as  much, if not more, than reading. I have written over 100 poems, I have been writing in journals since I was about 8 or 9 years old. Unfortunately when I was 16/17 I found out my mom read one of them and I decided the best thing to do would be to rip them all to pieces and burn them. I wish I hadn’t done that… hindsight though, right?