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January 2, 2011

Day 2 – Introduce, Recent Picture, 15 Interesting Facts

I am 24, recently divorced, recently moved to Reno, NV, reunited with the love of my life. I suffer from occasional depression… because I have always been a constant worrier and I stress myself out. My boyfriend is my best friend, followed very closely with a four-way tie between my mom, my dad, my Grams, and a blogger friend (I’ll call her H).
  1. I was married in July 2008, divorced in August 2010 (separated since March 2010) – best choice I have ever made for myself.
  2. Moved to Reno in June 2010 to be close to the love of my life — and no, I did not leave my husband for him.. I know that is hard to believe, but I was leaving my husband either way.
  3. I used to weigh over 210 pounds – I have lost 70+pounds. On my way to a better sized me.
  4. The identity of my biological father is still a topic of discussion, after 24 years, some people can’t let it go. My dad loves me, I love him, and he raised me since the second I was born. What does blood really matter?
  5. The fact that I look like a clone of my mother, does not help the questions of if I am my dad’s biological daughter.
  6. My favorite alcohol is Malibu Rum. I believe it goes with everything!
  7. Every car I have owned has been silver.
  8. I love playing Xbox 360 games like COD and GOW. I have also been guilty of playing WoW on the PC.
  9. The love of my life is a man I dated 6 years ago, before he moved to Reno in 2004.
  10. I have a crazy intuition about medical and legal diagnoses.
  11. I love cooking – not so great at baking.
  12. I recently lost my best friend of 9 years, and I no longer miss her.
  13. I sang in 3 talent shows as a child, and was a contestant in one Spelling Bee.
  14. I love reading. Nicholas Sparks and Charlaine Harris are my recent obsessions.
  15. I love writing as  much, if not more, than reading. I have written over 100 poems, I have been writing in journals since I was about 8 or 9 years old. Unfortunately when I was 16/17 I found out my mom read one of them and I decided the best thing to do would be to rip them all to pieces and burn them. I wish I hadn’t done that… hindsight though, right?
October 12, 2010

Time Bomb – Part 1

So, a little recap of my 2010…

In March I realized that I was married to a wonderful man, but that marriage wasn’t right for either of us. He deserves someone who can’t live without him, and knows with her whole heart she is madly in love with him. I, unfortunately, was neither of those things. I asked for a divorce. He kept the house, my cat, all the furniture, and the list goes on. He kept ‘my’ car, we sold his car, bought and used that money to buy me an SUV. Our divorce was final August 2nd.

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